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Hello hello! Welcome to PeteBateman.com – I’m Pete. This is my blog for everything that goes on in my life. I started this website as a way to learn about web design, but now I’m updating it with arts and crafts, projects and anything else that goes through my mind. It’d be great to get you involved with me and help create a place of discussion and inspiration! You can subscribe to my posts by entering your email on the right (weekly or individual post updates) as well as following me on TwitterPinterest or Youtube. You can also share a post by clicking on the relevant ‘share’ link at the bottom of each post.

I have this belief that if I, and others, all work towards bettering ourselves then not only will we improve our own lives, but those around us too. I honestly would love to hear from you all, not because of page hits or anything, but because I love hearing from others and engaging in discussion. Be sure to comment on my posts, follow me on social media or send a message on the ‘contact me’ page.

That said, I have a lot to say and even more to moan about, things to make and stuff to do, so I’m sure you’ll find a post to your liking.

Check out these categories for more of what you might like:

  • Feeling crafty‘ – Crafts I’ve made, with a tutorial to follow
  • ‘Projects’ – Either things I’m working on or have made, most likely without a tutorial (to be made).
  • Updates‘ – Blog entry updates.
  • Hints ‘n’ tips‘ – Things I’ve found to improve my life that are great to share (also known as life hacks).

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you all!