Projected floating head for Halloween tutorial

Halloween tutorial and introduction!

Ah Halloween… the only time of the year where you’re encouraged to crap yourself. I love this Halloween, it’s instantly evocative of childhood memories – carving pumpkins, putting up scary stuff around the house, costumes and of course, trick or treating. Although I don’t do trick or treating anymore, I now have the grown up task of making the place look awesome for trick or treaters, like adults did when I was a kid – so I’ve made a tutorial to help feed your creativity.

Hello hello! I’m Pete Bateman and welcome to my website. I wasn’t sure how to start this thing so I thought, why not make a tutorial? I’m starting this blog around Halloween so it felt appropriate. This website is all about the stuff I make and the rants I have. Some of the things I make will have tutorials – that can either be found on this site or Youtube (here). Sometimes I’ll have a video on Youtube alongside a blog post, but then again, sometimes just a blog post and no video – so subscribe to this site and get notifications of all the brilliant posts to come!

I’m attempting to get all social-like by signing up to Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Maybe I’ll go for even more in the future but for now, baby steps 😉

I hope you enjoy this website and If you create anything using one of the tutorials here then be sure to let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you! Either way, check out the posts I make, comment and be sure to subscribe!