Microbeads – a rant and review of Facescrubs

Wow, it’s been a while since I last updated this blog…

time to write something I think. I’ve been making random Youtube videos every week or so that you can check out here, but this one I felt needed some supporting text. It’s a rant and review so you’ll be getting both, lucky ol’ you!?

UK Ban

Recently the UK government banned microbeads, tiny bits of plastic that finds its way into cosmetics and cleaning products (although the ban is only for cosmetics for some reason). These bits of plastic are used to exfoliate and clean the skin but the problem is – there seems to be a pretty good indication that these plastic pieces can either work their way up the food-chain back to humans or leach out various chemicals such as phthalates, both of which could cause harm to us. Basically my rant boils down to this – there is a lot of research that suggests the potential harm (although I think it would be silly to deny it) but nonetheless if there is even a slight chance that harm to humans and the environment can be caused by microbeads and they are easily replaced by other safe materials, then why wouldn’t you? Better safe than sorry, right?

The debate has gone on for years and has only really come to an end point after a huge Greenpeace petition gained some political power, so its not like this has caught cosmetic companies off-guard, they just didn’t want to do anything. As I say in my video – stuff these companies, even if they’re now forced to make change, if they didn’t do it voluntarily then I have no interest in them.

Why facescrubs?

Microbeads span accross multiple products including toothpaste, cleaning products and of course – face/body scrubs. The thing is, I don’t use any of these other products that contain microbeads (or at least haven’t in the past) so I feel I can’t add much commentary to them. Facescrubs however, I’ve used for years and I love them. It’s not just for aesthetic reasons either, I just like the feeling of that before and after – as I mention in the video it’s like going from a stuffy warm room to a cool breeze outside. Or at least it can do (if I haven’t used it in a while at least). What is highlighted best for me, with face/ body scrubs, is that it’s easy to replace the toxic bits of plastic with an environmentally friendly alternative without breaking the bank. To me this is most important as many products that boast eco credentials are expensive and might not be as effective. This isn’t the case here – pumice and coconut husk are cheap. It’s just pure laziness and greed that it isn’t used and that I can’t tolerate.

Quick review

This wraps us neatly to these two products: Bulldog original facescrub and Inecto body scrub. Both of which I love and recommend but in the end I think Inecto wins because it’s more what I associate with a bathroom product – something that smells good. Sure, this is preference but I like the sweet coconut/ vanilla smell. Saying that, Bulldog is softer on the skin so might be better for an everyday item (although facescrubs might be better every other day). Inecto does also win on the softness after – the coconut butter does last and makes your skin feel soft throughout the day. Nice.

Consistency of the face scrub

Consistency of the face scrub

Consistency of the body scrub

Consistency of the body scrub







Although I wanted to write a little something on this subject – do check out the video for a more in-depth look! Also, I feel like writing more on this blog so do subscribe so I feel like someone is visiting 😉