Expired Robinsons in expired Woolworths

Here’s a post I found laying in drafts – everything about this is a blast from the past


87 Robinsons carton - Expired many years ago

Not so juicy anymore, expired Robinsons drink.

I found this old Robinsons (used) drink inside one of the walls of Woolworths.


There’s something I find strangely endearing about an old juice carton. On the last week of Woolworths closing down in Chichester (UK) I found this carton in a broken wall fixture (where shelves would have once been). It expired around 27-28 years ago and sported a thick layer of dust, almost a double glaze on the carton’s¬†exterior. I can’t help but imagine a few scenarios where this was left here. Either someone who didn’t particularly like Woolworths and after drinking the Robinsons they just stole, shoved it in the walls hoping no one would see. Or perhaps someone who came in the store having a drink, couldn’t find a bin but did see a crack behind the wall divider so stashed the cartoon there. Real question is though, how did it get there and how old is the person who once drunk it? There’s at least 2910 years on them from now… Actually, they could have even died. Crazy this stuff, I wish I called Time Team.¬†Either way, any stories of similar situations or thoughts of how this got there?