This feels familiar… the first ‘new post’.

Hello hello everyone, I couldn’t help look at the posts from this website and I found out it was a staggering 8 years ago I made my first post! Yet, it’s not here… It seems this is the third ‘purge’ of material I’ve gone through and it’s nothing new with my social media. YouTube has gone through a few different cycles and if I look through my old material there’s about 10 videos and a total of 44 posts on here! (all hidden away 😉 But the real question is why?

OK, so every single one of us changes as time goes on. How many of us look at a Facebook post from 10 years ago and think “that was me?! What was I thinking?” We all know that cringe and I bet I will do the same in 10 years time with this post, wont I Pete 😉

Perhaps it’s all a mindset?

As I read through old posts I feel there is a theme that still very much resonates with me – trying to ‘get myself heard’. It’s a sad but real tragedy I feel many of us are suffering with. Despite so many people in this world it’s never been a more lonely place and one I feel hasn’t changed since the day I made this blog. What I mean by this is people are so wrapped up with the instant gratification of a social media post that anything more than a 10 second snippet of someone’s life just isn’t of interest. It’s a shame as it’s not how I operate my life, I really want to know how someone is doing and sometimes I simply contact people to check up on them or just meet up with people to hear what’s going on in their lives. I feel my attitude shouldn’t be a unique one, especially when so many people talk about ‘the importance of mental health’. That doesn’t mean reacting when you hear something bad, it largely means preventing someone feeling a certain way.

No more rants 😉

Anyway, I feel this is going to turn in to a large rant and really I want to talk about how I’m changing the way I approach life. I’m going to go by that old phrase “if you’re not winning a battle then it might be time to change your strategy”. Or something along those lines 😉 Over the last year I’ve been designing and prototyping an aromatherapy diffuser – a device to add scent to the space around it. Diffusers have been around for a while and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the one thing most have in common is plastic. They either are fully made of it or at very least the water tank is made from plastic. A diffuser has been my ally over the years in helping my mood, improving my sleep and simply making me feel more at home.

Does change really need to happen?

So the weekly articles and news stories I see talking about the dangers of plastics whether its phthalates, BPA, microplastics or something new that I can barely pronounce then I feel the relaxation that diffuser one brought me now feels like lighting up a cigarette with media saying, “it’s fine, not a health problem at all!” Yeah, I’ll pass. How about a diffuser with a glass water tank? In fact, how about changing all the issues with these items? Most of them are noisy, look awful and are terrible for the environment with their moulded plastic parts and short life span. Mirrist is my creation, a wood and glass diffuser with a large fan to keep it quiet. Each component is user replaceable and it looks more like a piece of art in the home, no more plastic blobs that look like random medical devices! Here’s photo of Mirrist in the home but please do check out the Instagram or Facebook pages for more photos and videos.

You can help!

Also this is a new stage in my life and one you can really change! I wish to ask for help, I need to spread the message that we don’t want plastic products littering our homes and landfill, Mirrist is the start of this revolution. If you can like, share, follow – whatever social media interaction is possible then it takes this project one step further to reality.

Thank you everyone!