Blue Jeans by Versace – It’s all about the bottle

Both style and substance – Blue Jeans

The bottle and tin of Blue Jeans from Versace.

When I hear the words ‘Blue Jeans’ I can’t help sing the amazing song by Lana Del Rey. But this isn’t anything to do with music, no. This is Blue Jeans by Versace; a Eau de Toilette. I’ve decided to review everything around me so today on the list is this new bottle of smell.

I’ll be blunt – I bought this for it’s bottle. I love the design of this so much that the contents almost didn’t matter. It reminds me of the Vigor bottles from Bioshock and that was a winner right there. For those who haven’t played Bioshock, here’s an image of the amazing items inside the game – re-imagined in real life! The only difference here is the price. The ones in the photo are more around the £200-£500 each.

Vigor Bottles from Bioshock

Vigor Bottles from Bioshock

A closeup of Blue Jeans by Versace.

Doesn’t it look great? And yep, there’s more in the bottle when new













It’s at this point it’s worth noting that Blue Jeans is a mear £13 or so from the shops. Granted it may not be quite the same but you get what you pay for, right? I just love how it looks as if it’s from a certain era, as if it captures a generation – a feeling. Once it’s empty it will still stay on my shelf and there’s something great about that, especially from a generation that chucks out everything. The bottle also comes in a nice little tin that further adds to the brilliant design. You can tell Versace got hold of some pretty talented artists for this one.

Enough of the bottle – how does it smell?

Good point, this isn’t just a item of visual value, the contents is really what most would buy it for and you know what? It smells amazing. I’d say the description is right on the ball. It’s musky, woody with an underline citrus smell. The write-up on various perfume websites will explain this better than I ever could so I will simply say on a scale of 1-5, one being ‘gouge my eyes out as they’re starting to smell too’ and five being ‘I wish air smelled this good’, it’s a solid 5. What’s more is a lot of cheaper products tend to loose their staying power and the odour will leave after an hour, but this goes on all day without being overpowering. That I think sells it more than anything.

Sum it up, Pete

So here is one of my favourite purchases of 2016 so far. It’s well priced, looks amazing and smells great. I don’t think I could ask for more.